What To Do When You Feel Beat Down At Work

How can I continue to do my job effectively when my supervisors are difficult to respect? My immediate Supervisor is someone I trained less than 3 years ago who is now extremely critical of me and constantly micromanaging me. My CNO Has NO knowledge of what really happens in the hospital or what I … [Read more...]

Working With A Prima Donna Is A Really Tough Job

I am a member of a 3 member team.I have this really headstrong team member who was preparing for an exam due to which I took on a major part of the load for the project. This person refused to listen to anything that made sense regarding the topic to be chosen for project work despite the fact that … [Read more...]

Help! My Boss Won’t Quit Doing My Job

My boss used to do what my position is. He was promoted to a manager and moved to my office. He has not let go of his ability to do his old job. He is doing stuff without my knowledge and having people go to him for stuff that is my job. I do not know how to deal with it. It’s very upsetting. … [Read more...]