My Manager Won’t Change His Style — Should I Just Quit?

Help! I have a manager that constantly does my job. I have talked to him on numerous occassions and have also talked to his manager about it. I've been here longer than he has and trained him on different systems. He not only does my job but everyone elses in different departments as well. He is … [Read more...]

How Do You Define a Key Team Member?

How do you define a key team member? Please give me example. Thanks. The Team Doc Says... The definition of a key team member will more than likely vary from team to team, but I would define them as a person who is integral to the product or service the team delivers. Maybe they are the … [Read more...]

Team Building and Trust A Five-Step Model

When it comes to team building, nothing is more important than trust; it's the base upon which everything else is built. And yet, for most of us, trust is an elusive entity, an abstract behavior we all wand to cultivate but find difficult to systematically develop and maintain. Luckily, there's a … [Read more...]

New Team Leader Worries About Experienced Members

If I have to lead the team which consists of many experienced members, what is the best approach and if they have conflicts, what can I do? The Team Doc Says... Okay let me first say you don't sound super thrilled with leading a team. If this assignment was something you did not want to do, … [Read more...]

Working in a Team Based Culture is Hard Work for Team Leaders

A team-based culture is the best type of organizational structure in my opinion, but you have to make sure you understand the disadvantages when you are starting out -- it's definitely not a panacea. There are a lot of things that can go wrong. And being a team leader is really hard work. To take … [Read more...]