Boss Wants Feedback on Her Performance — Sink or Swim?

My boss asked me to give her what I think she can improve upon -- what is it that she does I want her to continue doing and what is it she can change? The Team Doc Says... Depending on the culture where you work, this could be a really good thing or a really bad thing. If the culture is a … [Read more...]

How to Survive a Micromanaging Boss and Prima Donna Too

I'm a 1st-line manager at a well-known gym and am working under a Senior Director for which this is her first managing position. This Director is a micro-manager, with all the expected trimmings. Unfortunately, she also tends to micromanage the supervision of our own staff. An example of this is as … [Read more...]

My Manager Won’t Change His Style — Should I Just Quit?

Help! I have a manager that constantly does my job. I have talked to him on numerous occasions and have also talked to his manager about it. I've been here longer than he has and trained him on different systems. He not only does my job but everyone elses in different departments as well. He is very … [Read more...]

What’s The Deal On Team Voting?

Can you please advise on the subject of a team meeting -- when having a vote on an issue that concerns the team, do all members have to be there to vote, or can they vote and not turn up , by writing? What is the general practice for this, or is it one of those issues you should have in place in the … [Read more...]

Do Not Insert Foot When Opening Your Mouth to the Boss — Just Leave

My boss treated me unfairly again and I have difficulty putting it behind me. I work for an international fast food giant as the secretary for the Area Manager who is a female. I have been working for her for 4 years now and overall she is the best boss I have ever worked for but every now and … [Read more...]