Never Forget Who Your Team Serves

I am the leader of a political group on a town council. We are the majority group, by a margin of one, which makes me the leader of the council. One of our number is the Mayor and therefore the chairman of the Council. Initially he stood against me for the leadership of the group and when he … [Read more...]

When Team Leaders Don’t Get Along, It’s Bad News For Everyone

It happens in every organization. Two leaders of two different teams just can't get along. It's wreaking havoc among the other teams. Things are just a mess. As the program manager, you've been asked to fix the situation. What should you do? Not an easy task to say the least. Sounds like these two … [Read more...]

Taking The First Step As A Team Leader

I will be given responsibility as Team Leader after one month of working in my team. It's a new team of only two people. What is the first thing that I should do after they announce that I am a Team Leader? … [Read more...]

Don’t Blow an Opportunity to Build a Team Foundation

We have a huge group of 25 administrators in a public school setting. Elementary and High School Principals, Director of Curriculum, HR, Director of Transportation and Director of Finances...etc -- … [Read more...]

The Team Leader Should Share Decision Making With The Team

One of the biggest challenges for a team leader is finding the balance between making a decision and letting the team make a decision. If your organization has decided to become more team-based, it can be a struggle to determine when to intervene. Jumping in too soon could sabotage your efforts, but … [Read more...]