How To Write Team Mission Statement and Goals

Can you please help me with ideas on how to write a Team Mission Statement and Team Goals?

The Team Doc Says…

I hope you are asking because you want to help your team create a team mission statement and goals, not because you want to create these critical team components for them. That would be a huge mistake.

Having a mission for your team is critical to your success. The team mission statement is one of the first things you should accomplish in your team building sessions when setting up a new team. One of the keys to remember is that it's not the statement that's most important. What's important is that your team live its mission each and every day. Your team mission statement should include the following components:

  • Include the reason for your team
  • Identify your team's unique ‘value added'
  • Reflect your team's core business activity
  • Provide a focus for your team
  • Identify the team purpose

For some step-by step instructions for creating your team's mission, head on over and read “How To Create A Team Mission Statement.”

Once you have the team mission statement completed, you're ready to tackle some goals. Teams need goals for many reasons:

  • Serve as a road map for the team
  • Identify the results to be achieved
  • Outline the action required to accomplish results

The first thing you'll need to do to set goals to support your team mission is to identify your success criteria. In your team building session brainstorm a list by asking, “What does success look like for our team?” Then take that list and turn the items into meaningful team goals. You should have long term and short term goals for your team. And don't make the mistake of taking on too many goals at a time. Three to five is plenty. Any more than that and you'll overwhelm your team and get nothing accomplished.

If your team needs help tracking goals, try this online goal tracking tool. It may be just what you need!