I-Opt Strategic Style Assessment

Have you ever wondered why you “just click” with some people and with others it's a battle just to say “good morning?” There's a good reason for that. Each of us has our own particular way of going about our day-to-day lives — we use strategies which drive our communication, information processing and decision making.

Some of us like to “think” before we “act,” and others like to “act” first and then “think” about it. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to figure out who was who? Well, there is.

It's called the IOPT Strategic Style Assessment. The IOPT is a simple tool that measures your style based on your answers to a 24 question survey.

Why Should I Learn More About My Strategic Style?

We all get comfortable in the way we go about our lives — from a personal and a business perspective. Being comfortable with your style is a good…and not so good thing. Studies have shown that roughly 25% of the population shares our style. That's good. But that also means that roughly 75% of the population has a style that is different from ours. That's not so good. Each of us must interact with others as a regular part of our day. Knowing how to make that interaction work for us, instead of against us makes life a lot easier to navigate.

What Makes the IOPT Different From Other Assessments?

The IOPT Assessment is unique in that it measures your preferences for thinking and acting. And that also influences your behavior — what you do and how you interpret the world and what's happening around you. What I really like about the IOPT is that it is NOT a personality test, nor does it measure your psychology like other assessments on the market.

Although personality assessments are very interesting (I've tried pretty near all of them!), it's a stretch to think that as the result of a few dozen questions, a report could infer generalizations about you and your personality. Frankly, I think we are a lot more complex than that.

Plus with many assessments, there are so many different styles and personality types to remember it boggles your mind. So rather than the personality assessment being a tool for growth, it ends up laying on some dusty shelf after the first read.

The IOPT Assessment provides a vehicle for determining your preferred style of thinking and acting. Your strategic style preferences are revealed in your personal report which provides an excellent snapshot of how you prefer to lead, communicate, sell or make decisions with other people. Because the IOPT Assessment report is succinct and to the point, you'll get a clear picture of your preferred way of thinking and acting, and how to help yourself work better with other people.

There are four distinct strategic styles. In the chart to the right, you can see each of them along with some characteristics of each style.

What Type of Assessments Are Available?

There are currently two different reports. You can choose the one that best fits your situation.

  • Leadership Report – Learn more about your leadership style and your preferred ways to lead others. This is a particularly valuable report for leaders of all kinds, at all levels within organizations.
  • Individual Report – Focuses on your overall style of thinking and acting and how this impacts the way you work and relate with other people.

How Do I Get My Strategic Style Assessment?

It's easy. Once you've purchased your report through our secure shopping cart, you'll instantly be taken to the survey page where you will complete the 24 question I-Opt Survey. It only takes about 10 minutes. Then we'll process your personal report and send it to you in a PDF file via email. It's that simple.

OK — I'm Ready To Get My Strategic Style Assessment

Great! Just select which assessment you'd like to get by clicking on its name below and you'll be taken to the right page so you can learn more and order your personal report.

The IOPT assessment has the best “face value' of any tool I've used over the years. As you read your very own report, you'll be nodding your head and saying “Yes, that sounds like me” just like the thousands of others who have taken the IOPT in the past.

Best regards,

Denise O'Berry