How Do You Define a Key Team Member?

How do you define a key team member? Please give me example. Thanks.

The Team Doc Says…

The definition of a key team member will more than likely vary from team to team, but I would define them as a person who is integral to the product or service the team delivers.

Maybe they are the only person on the team who has a particular skill, or one who handles key approvals for the team.

You might want to think of a key person as one who the team is very dependent on.

If that person left the team it would be hard for them to achieve their goals and objectives.

And in that case, a succession plan is in order so the team doesn't fold if that team member decides to walk out the door.

Retaining key team members, at least in the short term is important, but you should have a plan to spread their knowledge around so your company is not “held hostage” or left in a disastrous situation should they head out the door.