What To Do Since I Lost My Team Leader Role

Can my boss take my team leader position away from me and the dollar on the hour pay from it? I have been a team leader for over a year and I was leaving her notes about things that were going on in the building that shouldn't have been and the next thing I know she handed me a letter saying she didn't need a second shift team leader anymore. I feel like I was doing the right thing but I guess not.

The Team Doc Says…

As long as there aren't any contractual agreements involved, your boss can take away your team leader position. I hope you've had a discussion with her about this situation — why it happened and what you could have done differently.

It seems to me, based on your note, that there was no real communication going on — either from you to her or her to you. This change would not have been a surprise if there was an open communication channel.

Since she hasn't shared with you why she made this decision, you should make every effort to find out. That way you can grow and be successful the next time around.