New Team Leader Worries About Experienced Members

If I have to lead the team which consists of many experienced members, what is the best approach and if they have conflicts, what can I do?

The Team Doc Says…

Okay let me first say you don't sound super thrilled with leading a team.

If this assignment was something you did not want to do, you will not succeed. You would do well to create a plan of action that will move you out of this role and move someone else in who has the passion to lead.

That said, if I am totally off base and reading too much (too little) into your question then the following posts will help you “find your legs” in this new role.

Being a team leader is a really rewarding (and sometimes exhausting!) role. You will gain much satisfaction from it if you embrace your opportunities.

What do you think reader? Have additional advice to offer? Please leave a comment.