Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Recent College Grads as Your Ideal Workforce

There's no excuse for the rampant unemployment rate currently being experienced by college graduates under the age of 25. Their chances of finding fulfilling full-time employment are slim to none. The worst thing about the situation is that their inability to find work is no indicator of their lack of talent. It's instead an unfortunate combination of bad economy and limited space. However, the limited space seems to be simply a matter of forgoing recently graduated youth in favor of those with more accumulated work experience.

Here are four reasons why that's a backward way of deciding whether or not someone is employable. Not only are recent college grads good candidates for your ideal workforce, they can also help you sustain your business into the future.

#1 Dedication Level is Oftentimes Higher

When you give someone their first “adult” job, especially in tough economic times, chances are they're going to behave like they owe you something more besides hard work. They don't, but that doesn't mean you won't reap the benefits from their self-bound obligations to perform far above their station. College graduates aren't as jaded by former professional experiences as seasoned professionals. While they take longer to train, college graduates are willing to approach the work day positively and with a goal to do the most good.

#2 Starting Salary Can be Lower

When hiring someone with previous professional experience, you're expected to provide a bigger salary from the start than you otherwise would for someone without experience. Therefore, recent college graduates can be offered a lower starting salary. While good work and proven responsibility call for a raise, those first six months to a year can see significant savings if your company can avoid paying someone $10K more by giving the job to a college graduate.

#3 Young People Dominate Technology

Maybe your company is offering half a dozen chemical engineering jobs, or perhaps it's nearly forty electrical engineering jobs. Either way, for responsibilities as serious as what these jobs entail, it's instinctive to seek someone older for the position. But when it comes to science and technology, young brains work well. Not only are young people naturally more inclined to embrace the latest technology, they've had it incorporated into their lives for years. Those specifically geared toward science and technology recently out of college are poised to have the mental agility and the physical prowess to handle specialized industrial workloads.

#4 Ambition Benefits Everyone

Most college graduates are eager to succeed. Chances are, the intro position you're offering isn't their idea of “success.” College grads are typically determined to climb the ladder as fast and furiously as possible in their quest for achievement. You don't want a worker who is excessively ambitious, but someone who is determined to rise up, is someone who can be counted on to take care of their responsibilities independently.

Don't pass up the nearly bottomless pile of recent graduate resumes. Within them you may find exactly who you're looking for. College graduates are eager to please and will work hard to make you proud, even for a starting salary. Provide one or two with an opportunity to succeed during these tough times and they're sure to never forget it.