How To Get A Rude, Disrespectful Team On Track

I have a dilemma in that I started in as a new team leader and had the first meeting with 15 staff. They were rude, disrespectful, etc since they have always had the same leader for a long and did not want a new one. I was able to get control back over the meeting but now realize I have to find a … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Written Feedback That’s a Surprise

I would like to ask for your help in constructing a response letter to my new hired boss. There was this one time that we had a problem on who to manage the set of trainees we had on the operations area. Because of that incident she sent me a letter about it. The letter started with how she … [Read more...]

Different Teams Have Unresolved Conflict That Is Destroying The Organization

My staff are not getting along. I am the director of a very small child care center. There are four women besides myself on staff. All of these ladies are between 26 and 32 years of age. Two work in the same class & the other two work in separate classes but work on lesson plans together … [Read more...]

Unstable Manager in a Small Company Is a Big Issue

There is a manager that seems to be emotionally unstable. She is disrespectful and communicates poorly. She is accusatory and has a general problem with communicating clearly. She will put people that work for her in the middle of a situation that she should handle. We are a small company of under … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Team Feel Special

I supervise a team of administrative assistants. The cohesiveness of my team is great. The one area I thought had improved but just reared its ugly head is the value my employees place on themselves. I feel they understand their role in our company; sometimes the inadvertent actions of others give … [Read more...]