What To Include In Team Code Of Conduct

What are codes of conduct?

The Team Doc Says…

A team code of conduct defines the standards of behavior for team members.

In the work environment, this would include things like:

  • Communicate openly
  • Share issues with the team
  • Use consensus for team decisions
  • Actively participate in meetings
  • Be present and engaged
  • Others…

It's very common for a team to develop a code of conduct.

What's not so common is for the team to have success holding team members accountable for abiding by the code of conduct.

The team members either ignore the behavior and just stew about it or it elevates into a full scale unresolved conflict.

Not a good thing.

It takes team growth for the team to be able to work through these issues.

Establishing a team code of conduct is a good thing for the team as long as you're prepared to deal with any roadblocks that may occur.

Don't bother to create a code of conduct unless you're prepared to deal with issues that don't adhere to its guidelines.