What To Do When You Feel Beat Down At Work

How can I continue to do my job effectively when my supervisors are difficult to respect? My immediate Supervisor is someone I trained less than 3 years ago who is now extremely critical of me and constantly micromanaging me. My CNO Has NO knowledge of what really happens in the hospital or what I do as a Nurse Administrator. Neither of them will “deal” with any issues amongst the Nurse Administrator group so there is mayhem. I have 31 years in but am only 50 years old (I work in the State system) I feel beat down and have no passion for my work. Thanks.

The Team Doc Says…

I'm sorry for your frustration. It sounds like there are several things going on here, however I believe they can all be solved with open communication. It will be difficult and it will be a slow process, but I think it's solvable.

Of course, your other option is to find another job. You will need to decide if you can tolerate staying where you are or whether it's time to move on. I know sometimes it feels like you don't have choices, but you do. Leaving a job you've been at is one of the toughest things to do. If that is an option you want to pursue, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the How To Get A Job book here.

So let's turn to the communication aspect.

First, your supervisor. You can get the upper hand by proactively communicating. I recommend approaching your supervisor and suggesting a short (15 to 30 minute) weekly meeting. This should do two things for you — 1) Help your supervisor be less critical and 2) Alleviate the micromanaging. You can use the Manager Tools free meeting template as a guide for your meeting with your supervisor. Note that this template is looking at things from the supervisor's perspective, so a bit of adaptation will be necessary.

Okay, so now for the Nurse Administrator group. I don't know how big this group is so that could be a driver. I would suggest you do what you can to get this group together to discuss common issues and developing solutions. It may feel like “that's not my job” but someone has to start the ball rolling. You obviously still care very much about what you do. Perhaps that person should be you.

Best of luck to you and please let me know what steps you decide to take.

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