Will Appointing A Leader Who’s Not Ready Harm The Team?

What are the affects of appointing someone onto a leadership role when they are not ready for it (affects on the team and on themselves)?

The Team Doc Says…

In a word.

B- A-D … I-D-E-A

(Ok, two words.)

Bad for the person who is appointed the leader and bad for the team. This is the quickest way to to demoralize a team and make a future leader unsuccessful.

Just don't do it.

Prepare the future leader by identifying leadership competencies and doing an assessment of their competencies against the ideal. Then develop them by creating an individual development plan that enables their growth. Monitor and track their progress. Hook them up with a mentor so they can learn the proper leadership skills. Then promote them when they're ready.

You can help them grow by getting a leadership assessment so they can see where their strengths are.

How about you reader? What are your thoughts on moving an unprepared person into a leadership role? Please leave a comment.

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